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Give your employees the best in fitness & wellness

Wellness holds a unique definition for each individual. Through Classtap, your employees can tailor their self-care, be it a dynamic workout or a mindful pause. The outcome? A joyful and thriving atmosphere at work and beyond.

Multiple gyms and workouts with one membership

Ready to learn more?

Request a quote and get a response within 1-2 days.

Hand picked top-rated businesses. All for your employees.

Classtap provides your employees access to the best fitness studios and gyms around the Middle East.

Classtap partners F45, UN1T, Sweat by BXR, VO2 Gym, HitFit, FS8, Warrior Fit, The Zone, Gymmito, Are

Classtap gets your employees moving


joined because of their corporate offering


feel more motivated and less stressed after exercising


feel more productive during the work day after exercising

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