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QF tech hub startups to launch ventures

Two startups that excelled in the eighth cycle of Qatar Foundation tech hub’s XLR8 Programme, ClassTap and Partix, are set to commercially launch their ventures in the local market next month.

ClassTap has developed a digital platform offering fitness fans easy access to classes and day passes to gyms around Qatar through a smartphone application and under a single membership, while Partix will launch an online platform that aims to digitise the automotive spare-parts business.

ClassTap’s mission was to develop a digital product that motivates people in Qatar to lead healthier lifestyles by inspiring, connecting, and introducing them to new experiences. The team recognised people’s difficulty with committing to one specific routine, which becomes demotivating.

To address the issue, ClassTap introduced all the workouts and fitness classes available across Qatar via one app and membership, thereby giving them much-needed flexibility. As many as 30 gyms have already signed up to ClassTap, thus reflecting the app’s future commercial potential.

Heading up ClassTap are co-founders Bashar Hudhud, the CEO and a seasoned entrepreneur, as well as chief creative officer Rana Majeed, an entrepreneur with two master’s degrees from IE Business School in Spain.

The pair recalls how ClassTap was just an idea in September 2019 during XLR8, a programme at Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP), part of Qatar Foundation Research, Development and Innovation.

They credit the hands-on programme with helping develop it into a market-viable product. They praise their dedicated mentors and advisers, citing their high-quality, regular feedback as vital to all aspects of their start-up development and future strategy.

As a sign of its potential commercial impact, ClassTap was immediately approached by Qatar SportsTech, a Start-up Bootcamp branch, to join their programme – an offer that includes financial investment.

ClassTap advises future XLR8 participants to always look to the market: “Whether this is market demand or supply, competitors, or the trends and customer habits that are constantly changing.”

As for XLR8’s impact, they said: “The network we currently have, thanks to QSTP, has been amazing in helping us achieve our goals and making ClassTap a winning XLR8 project.”

The team advises future XLR8 participants to use their interaction with their competitors as motivation to work harder. “Have patience and remember that, without good teamwork, the idea will die.”

The ninth cycle of XLR8 kicked off on February 9, welcoming 19 potential entrepreneurs to the programme.

More information on XLR8 is available at the website 

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